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List of Frequently asked questions and answers

How much does it cost to post my event?

Our  listings are free.

How long will my listing show?

All Free listings are for a period of 365 days. After that, your listing will automatically be deleted

How many times can I list one event?

You can list one event once in one category, and in one city. Multiple listing or listing accross multiple categories for one event is not allowed and will result in the deletion of your event.If your event is taking place in multiple cities at different dates, like concert or shows, then it is ok to list accross those cities.

I made a mistake in my listing. I will like to edit or remove my listing.

Please login  and you can change or delete your listing anytime you want.

I have just posted my event but I don’t see my listing

Your Post must be approved by the administrator before it is listed

I received an Image error, what do I do?

Your image must be 10,000K or less. If your image is not uploaded, please reduce the size and come back and complete your listing.